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Satori Capital Fuels the Flames of Safety with Automatic Fire Protection Investment

Fire Protection

Texas-based private equity firm Satori Capital has announced a strategic investment in Automatic Fire Protection (AFP), a leading provider of fire safety solutions in the state. This partnership strengthens AFP's position as a trusted guardian and empowers them to further their mission of protecting lives and property.

AFP boasts a distinguished history, holding the honor of possessing the oldest active fire sprinkler license in Texas. Their commitment to excellence extends far beyond their heritage. With a team of approximately 150 highly skilled employees, AFP offers a comprehensive suite of fire protection services, including installation, maintenance, and inspections for sprinkler, alarm, and extinguisher systems. They take pride in their "leading position in each of its three core markets," according to a press release, and their unwavering dedication to quality is evident in their state-of-the-art training facility. This facility ensures their team members possess the most up-to-date technical skills to deliver exceptional service and unwavering protection.

"We are proud and grateful to be partnering with a company that has such an outstanding and well-deserved reputation," said Sunny Vanderbeck, co-founder of Satori Capital, in a statement. The specific financial details of the investment were not disclosed.

This strategic partnership positions AFP for significant growth and continued industry leadership. With Satori Capital's backing, AFP can invest in expanding its service offerings, geographical reach, and technological advancements. Ultimately, this investment fuels AFP's ability to safeguard communities and empower them with peace of mind.

Mike PeCoy, AFP's CEO since 2002, will remain at the helm, steering the company towards a future brimming with safety and success.

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