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Build the future

Hubtree Ventures helps startups build, launch and radically accelerate their offerings by providing access to funding, industry-leading services, expert guidance, and the essential technology needed to build a future-proofed startup. We rapidly build companies with vision, purpose, real-world value, and an impact. We are ready to take on the toughest of problems if we see opportunity.

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HV Startup Hub

A partnership that grows with you.

Startup Launch Kits

Credits via our partners, Special access to partner programs, Access to partner resources and networks.

We can help you scale either to new verticals, geographies or even capturing more market from your existing niche.


Equity | Cash | Both

Our model is flexible enough to offer, equity or cash or both to ensure we can serve a wide range of entrepreneur needs. Some prefer long-term commitments, some prefer immediate milestones or some a hybrid model, we got you covered.


Use our talents, who have been there done it.

Upload your pitch deck and start the conversation.

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