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HubTree Ventures (HV) is a modern, global, sector agnostic venture studio focused on investing in startups at their Pre-IPO stage, ideally pre-seed. We build, manage, scale multiple venture funds targeted at different investment outcomes.

We raise money from various sources and invest this collective capital into startups

We invest in sector agnostic, innovative, early stage, fundamentally strong, high growth, high potential, scalable companies and orchestrates exits at various stages of growth.

HubTree Investment Sweet Spot

Built & managed by experts.

HubTree Ventures is built and managed by experts who have proven investment, entrepreneur and advisory track record for more than 200-man years combined. We have been exposed to both Fortune 50 and startup ecosystem globally. We have both individual expertise and access to resources through our years of industry exposure. The General Partners, Advisors and Key members of HubTree Ventures are all expert deal makers, entrepreneurs, investors with multiple growth and exit credentials.

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Built & managed by experts.

Engage & Partner

We offer multiple ways of building, growing, supporting companies across the world.


Equity & Shares


Acquisition based Investment.


Venture Cloud


Convertible Notes
HubTree Engagement & Partnership Models


Project Financing


Operating Lease


Incubation & Acceleration


Technology Services

Our coverage of multiple geographies helps us source the best deals, diversify our portfolio, manage global uncertainties.

Hubtree is Uniquely Positioned

HubTree Unique Positioning

We are uniquely positioned to access the best deals in the market as well as making the right investment decisions.

As an investor, you get exclusive benefits and early access to best deals before its accessible to public.


Continuous Deal Flow

Access to top regional startups, filtered through rigorous review and presented via our venture platform. The entire selection process is kept transparent via the platform accessible via a mobile apple called HVSIX.


Future Proof

Invest in startups and product idea on the cutting edge of the technology - web3, blockchain, generative AI, electric vehicle, quantum computing.


Direct & Indirect Investment Options

As an investor you can directly invest on to startups in our deal pipeline or be part of our fund. Access deals, review and decide based on return and risk management.


A Global deal pipeline

Diversify your portfolio, by backing deals from multiple geographies, sectors, markets.


Handpicked One's with Strong Fundamentals

Strong importance is given to startups with strong unit economics, profit potential, growth.

Consult with us to know investment returns growth potential.

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